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The Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX) accepts foreign companies that have financial statements prepared in accordance with Australian accounting standards.
For plan years beginning on or after the first day of the first plan year to which the TRA amendments apply and before the applicable regulatory effective date, plans must be operated in accordance with a reasonable, good-faith interpretation of the requirements of Sec.
A payor included in the payor categories specified in paragraph (a) or (b-1) of this subdivision shall not be provided the option of payment to a general hospital for inpatient services based on the lower of hospital charges or the case based payment per discharge determined in accordance with this section for a patient or apportioning the appropriate case based payment per discharge for a patient by excluding payment for a preexisting condition or acquired condition which has to be treated along with the reason for the admission or, except as may affect qualification for payments in accordance with paragraph (b) or (d) of subdivision four of this section, for days within the inlier stay determined to be medically unnecessary.
Services will be provided in accordance with requirements for 24 hour telephone screening and triage in accordance with the adult and childrens Mental Health Acts.
This was followed by hoisting of the Naval Ensign and playing of the National Anthem, in accordance with the time honoured customs and traditions of the Indian Navy.
Design and installation of temporary works and replacement abutment & bridge in accordance with appendix 1/10 and 1/11.
The Contractor undertakes to perform the object of the contract in accordance with the requirements specified in the documentation, rules of technical knowledge, the applicable regulations and standards, in particular the behavior of Polish Standards transposing European standards or the standards of other Member States of the European Economic Area transposing these standards.