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The In-Service Training Program will initially focus on five key areas of capacity building, which includes independent modules on accounting and finance, information technology, internal audit, tax laws and procurement.
Similarly other researchers (Saeed, 2006 and 2000; Mirza, 2003; Mirza and Iqbal, 1994) specifically described that the in-service training of teachers is necessary to improve their abilities in term of contents, pedagogy, administrative and managerial skills.
Goubinz (2006) in his study concluded that in-service training courses led to a reduction in staff absenteeism, reducing accidents at work, improvement of the organization and increasing efficiency, deeper insights, ability and skills in the workforce and overall increased productivity [7].
According to Bradford, in-service training should be effective in recognizing the organizational deficiencies, curing them, improvement of the individual effectiveness, and the overall evolution of the organization (Ghasemi, 2003, p.
You could also take an in-service training programme leading to a certificate or Diploma in Managing Health and Social Care - for this you usually need to be working within the NHS in a clinical role.
The necessity that the innovations in teaching method and techniques, arising as a result of the studies made on teaching and learning process so as to provide more efficient learning and to ensure the stability of knowledge should be employed is one of the major factors making in in-service training compulsory (R.
5 million for hardware and related equipment, US$300,000 for digitalization of old records and another US$500,000 for in-service training trips and equipment-maintenance contracts, with work performed by local firm Meditch, said APCH Exec.
PDI has introduced a new In-service Training Program designed to educate healthcare personnel including infection preventionists, physicians and nurses on the use of Chlorascrub[TM].
In-service training for: Addiction Recovery, Eating Disorders, Fire Setting, Self-Injury, Sexual Harm, Violent Behavior.
Based on Case Study of their (Executives) participation in the six-week In-Service Training Programme on Leadership Techniques and Management of Technology, organised by the Institute of Management and Technology, Nigeria (I.
This resource, which is also useful as a supplemental textbook, can be used as a guide to practice for professionals and can be used for in-service training and workshops.
In-service training to help pupils learn Welsh or study in the language needs improving, a report from Estyn warns.

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