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After moving to New York City, Jenni started a career at InStyle magazine, working as a graphic designer and DIY columnist, which evolved into a website: ISpyDIY.
InStyle magazine hosted a star-studded luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the likes of Samantha Mathis, Portia de Rossi, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Garcelle Beauvais, the last three ladies all sporting those trendy young blunt bangs purported to be faster than a face-lift at erasing the years.
In addition, she was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Fuse Magazine and a founding editor of InStyle Magazine.
As the newest cover girl of Instyle magazine, Woodley talks about her zero rules and zero expectations when it comes of relationship.
According to InStyle magazine, the 29-year-old musician said that people had their own perception towards her, no matter what she did.
com website have been seen on celebrity who's who in publications like People's Stylewatch Magazine, Marie Claire, Instyle Magazine, and Sports Illustrated.
InStyle magazine have hosted a bash on HollywoodOs big night for nine years to benefit his Aids Foundation.
He met Lopez three years ago at an Instyle magazine shoot, did her makeup for her first album and is credited with her lighter look that glows on every red carpet.
Now that my dad's gone, I don't want to lose it,'' the 38-year-old actress tells InStyle magazine for its December issue.
Elizabeth's jewels will go on the block at a private gala at InStyle magazine on September 26, at Christie's, New York.
InStyle magazine has made it its mission to answer the public's craving to know.
The Elton John AIDS Foundation, established in 1992, has distributed more than $12 million in grants in North America and $5 million internationally for HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and assistance programs, John's creative spirit is alive at the foundation: Funds are raised through benefits such as the seventh annual Oscar night party sponsored by InStyle magazine and a line of merchandise--including crystal cherubs, eyeglasses, home fragrances, and candles--allowing people to buy gifts for themselves and, as John has, help others in the process.
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