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A look at the Incentives Toolboxes being used across the U.
In a decentralized process, however, those corporate officers may not recognize the aggregate value of incentives and may not be aware that, in total, they meet a level of significance and have associated risk (such as not acknowledging the potential repayment requirement for non-performance of incentive agreements).
Success involves four key factors: senior management buy-in, incentives, communication and marketing, and, depending on the situation, local champions.
Despite the uninterrupted guidance from this Court that the States are not powerless to create incentives to local activities, the Court of Appeals muddled Commerce Clause jurisprudence, potentially leaving every state tax incentive vulnerable to challenge.
State tax incentives, such as the investment tax credit, are important factors that influence the capacity of manufacturers to build new facilities, buy new equipment and hire additional workers.
Our original plan called for incentives to be given once a year; but early in the first year our chair realized that a year is too long to wait for incentives and he gave additional incentive payments four months into the fiscal year.
Schwarzenegger can get some incentives back in place to help us hold on to this,'' Kyser said.
Businesses that seek incentives must be prepared to meet project investment and job creation goals and to complete the project timely.
Products: Corporate gift and incentive programs featuring gourmet steaks and food products as well as gift certificates
The trouble is, option incentives shift with the stock price.