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Peritonsillar abscess: Repeated needle aspiration versus incision and drainage.
incision and drainage was basically all that was needed [in those patients]," he said.
Incision and drainage followed by mattress suture repair of auricular hematoma.
The treatment strategies include; incision and drainage, needle aspiration, and abscess tonsillectomy.
Conclusion: Needle aspiration is as an effective method as incision and drainage for management of peritonsillar abscess.
Are antibiotics necessary after incision and drainage of a cutaneous abscess?
Incision and drainage remains the mainstay of abscess treatment.
Incision and drainage are the mainstay of management of MRSA-colonized vulvar abscess
To evaluate the role of antimicrobials in skin and soft tissue infections in patients who were treated with incision and drainage, Dr.
These researchers also reviewed some reports with similar experience in the United States and further suggested that incision and drainage without adjunctive antimicrobial therapy were effective in immunocompetent children for CA-MRSA SSTIs <5 cm in diameter.
Aggressive treatment with incision and drainage in such cases is warranted, she said, noting that a limited incision site and the use of a Penrose drain are recommended in children.