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Boherna Bridge beat fellow Leger contender Incitatus by nearly three lengths in 29.
04 (895m): Crooks Mercedes, Swift Leah, Aayamzabella, Incitatus, Storming Coco (M), Peggys Gift (W).
Caligula, who reigned from 37 to 41AD, has gone down in history as a crazed and power-hungry sex maniac who demanded that his horse, Incitatus, be made a consul.
Anyway, wasn't it Caligula who proposed to make his race horse, Incitatus, counsel?
The horse, Incitatus, was one of the few creatures of Rome to fare well under Caligula's rule.
Leading at the bend, he tried to stretch them out and, while Musical Gaga had his measure down the back second time, Mark Wallis's dog dug deep to come again and held the late challenge of Chris Allsopp's Incitatus for second.
WAS obsessed with his horse Incitatus, which was attended to by 18 servants.
CHRIS ALLSOPP'S lead over Mark Wallis was down to 23 points after Wednesday's Paddy Power TV Trophy final meeting at Yarmouth, with Wallis closing in courtesy of big-race runner-up Blonde Reagan earning 20 points to the ten of Allsopp's thirdplaced Incitatus, writes Jonathan Kay.
The horse, Incitatus, seldom lunged at the teats or tweaked the fetlocks of passing mares, and never expressed its admiration for Adolf Hitler.
Incitatus shaped as though eight bends would suit in the early rounds of the Grand Prix at Sunderland and his confidence should be high following back-to-back victories, but the clock suggests he needs to find a few lengths to trouble the principals.
CALIGULA gave his horse, Incitatus, a marble stable and a team of servants.