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The costs for newly incorporated businesses that miss the deadline will be significant.
It points out that recent Budgets have concentrated help to incorporated businesses, yet three million unincorporated businesses, many of which managed the natural resources and habitats of the countryside, provided jobs and rural housing and generating tax revenue, were largely ignored.
And the northern California town of Point Arena passed a resolution last April declaring that corporations "are artificial entities separate and apart from natural persons," protesting more than a century of jurisprudence extending individual rights to incorporated businesses.
2 Individuals who identify themselves as owning a controlling interest in incorporated businesses are shown in published tabulations as wage and salary workers because they are employees of the businesses they operate and are paid a salary for the services they render.
Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, president of the CLA, said that the budget had done nothing to help small unincorporated businesses - which included the vast majority of rural businesses - and that for small, incorporated businesses the rate of corporation tax has actually increased from 19% to 21% and will rise to 22% when allowances have fallen.
The results of the study indicate that owners of incorporated businesses tend to be more active, educated, wealthy and younger than owners of unincorporated businesses.

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