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8 million sale of its interest in Cruzan International to V&S Van and Spirit, a Swedish incorporated company and producer of the world famous Absolute Vodka brand, reports Trinidad News (Sept.
The Company previously proposed to change its jurisdiction of incorporation from being a Nevada incorporated company to a Canadian incorporated company.
Ltd- Ceylan Construction and Trade Incorporated Company Joint Venture Group.
Masterfoods USA, a Mars Incorporated Company, unveiled purple as the newest color "M&M's" Chocolate Candies to join the mix.
Canwest Limited Partnership / Canwest Societe en Commandite and certain of their subsidiaries (collectively, the "LP Entities") have successfully implemented their amended plan of compromise and arrangement under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act (Canada) (the "CCAA") as previously approved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ( Commercial List ) on June 18,2010 and consequently their newspaper and digital media businesses have emerged from creditor protection under the ownership of a newly incorporated company - Postmedia Network Inc.
IFM and Portnex have made the offer to buy the assets, made up of six retorts used to produce intermediate or retort coke, through a recently incorporated company in which IFM would own two-thirds and Portnex the remaining.
In its statement, the company said the new division, called AfriAg Marketing, will be operated through a newly incorporated company in South Africa called AfriAg Marketing (Pty) Ltd that has no current revenue or profit.

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