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It should be noted that every almost increasing sequence is a quasi [delta]-power increasing sequence for any nonnegative [delta], but the converse is not true for [delta] > 0.
Assume that there is a strictly increasing sequence [{[t.
nij]} be a monotonously increasing sequence of bounded sets with [U.
21 can be written as the union of k - 1 increasing sequences (which can also be viewed as a consequence of Greene's Theorem [4]), we obtain the following.
It is clear that every monotone increasing sequence is {[[lambda].
is a monotonically increasing sequence of real numbers bounded above by [parallel]x[parallel].
n] as the only strictly increasing sequence such that [x.
Now if [tau] is not the identity, because [tau] has no 231 or 132, [tau] must consist of a decreasing sequence followed by an increasing sequence.
2](R) consists of an increasing sequence of closed subspace {[V.