Independent Police Complaints Commission

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Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)

an independent statutory body which is to ensure complaints against the police are dealt with effectively. It can supervise, run and conduct investigations into complaints against the police. It monitors the way complaints are handled by local police forces. Complaints continue to be investigated by the local police but local forces are required to meet IPCC standards. Investigations into serious issues are run by the IPCC's own investigators. Those making complaints have the right to appeal to the IPCC if they feel they have not been given sufficient information by the police or they are unhappy with the outcome of an investigation by the police. Anybody who has been adversely affected can complain. A person adversely affected is someone who has suffered any form of loss or damage, distress or inconvenience, has been put in danger or is unduly put at risk of being adversely affected. Complainants are to be kept informed of the progress of an investigation. Certain organizations may be designated as gateways, allowing complaints to be made from many sources.
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