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Most indigenes of Ilishan Remo community are farmers, while others are traders.
La creation d'une image idealisee des autochtones, la confiance dans un age de l'innocence qui a ete detruite ou perturbee par le presence des colonisateurs europeens ne sont pas des idees qui puissent etre trouvees dans le discours triomphaliste du projet colonial qui amene aux populations indigenes la liberte, l'egalite et la democratie francaises.
Greater participation from Indigenes is necessary in fighting the issue of biopiracy.
Just as Archaeologies of colonialism belongs to an American style of academic writing, Grecs et indigenes de la Catalogne a la Mer Noire is typical of French publication, down to its heavy shiny paper.
En echange, les communautes indigenes votaient massivement (frequemment a 100%) pour tous les autres candidats du PRI --a la presidentielle, au poste de gouverneur et aux legislatives federales et etatiques.
This book is based on an examination of insiders' views, in this case those of Dayaks (a catch-all term for non-Muslim indigenes in Sarawak, p.
The ABCFM used race as a hegemony to play a dominant and domineering role in the public and private lives of indigenes, in the name of Christianity, but struggled to maintain that position of power and influence, due to indigenes' human agency.
As France acquired its new empire, it ruled either through assimilation (if the indigenes became linguistically and culturally French they could become French citizens) or association (the indigenes retained much of their own culture and were partners--albeit junior partners--with France).
Yet the relative association of peoples with different areas; a product of their settlement and the seeming dominance of their cultures or perhaps the outcome of their ability to conquer and occupy a relatively virgin area, has resulted in situations whereby some came to identify themselves as the indigenes of a particular place.
This is evident from the effects of its neglect until quite recently, and Wallacea, with its many unsolved palaeoanthropological puzzles, offers a salutary lesson in how little we really know about the origins of Australian Indigenes.
Though never quite as convincing as other recent war movies like The Pianist and Indigenes (Days of Glory), nor as compelling as Saving Private Ryan, there's enough quality about the Female Agents to make you care for the girls' individual grisly fates.
L'urbanisme dans des contextes indigenes est devenu un probleme prioritaire dans l'ensemble des etats anglophones colonises : l'Australie, le Canada, la Nouvelle-Zelande et les Etats-Unis, car de nombreux praticiens et universitaires se sentent tirailles entre, d'une part, leur conviction que les competences en matiere d'urbanisme pourraient etre une ressource importante, et d'autre part, la fait qu'ils ont conscience que, sans le savoir et la participation essentielle des indigenes, ils ne possedent pas la capacite d'articuler l'urbanisme de facon appropriee.