Indirect Evidence

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Indirect Evidence

Probative matter that does not proximately relate to an issue but that establishes a hypothesis by showing various consistent facts.



See: hearsay

INDIRECT EVIDENCE. That proof which does not prove the fact in question, but proves another, the certainty of which may lead to the discovery of the truth of the one sought.

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Direct methods include darkfield microscopy, molecular assays to detect T pallidum DNA, and histopathologic examination of biopsies of skin or mucous membranes (which can also provide indirect evidence of infection, on the basis of patterns of inflammation in the tissue).
Further indirect evidence for the use of twisted fibres dating to around 27 000 BP comes in the form of imprints of complex items of woven material.
There is indirect evidence that the decline in PI resistance may be due to increased use of boosted PIs.
This distinction between direct and indirect evidence explains the court's confusion about when an individual harm, as opposed to a group-based harm, must be demonstrated.
The court or agency could comply with those sections without direct consultation provided it had satisfactory indirect evidence of their views.
The report found indirect evidence to support allegations that Mr Cliff undermined the position of another member of staff.
Our serologic results provide indirect evidence of past transmission of WNV, SLEV, and possibly other flaviviruses to horses in Guatemala.
Stars are not born with such large velocities, and its position in the sky hints that it was kicked out from the Large Magellanic Cloud, providing indirect evidence for a massive black hole within the Milky Way's closest neighbor.
These latter studies provide indirect evidence of impacts of climate change on pollen aeroallergens.
Laboratory tests ''have shown indirect evidence that it was a virus of subtype H7,'' FAO bird flu expert Hans Wagner told Kyodo News upon his return from Pyongyang, where he assisted in diagnosing the virus.
Most existing techniques rely on finding indirect evidence of drinking like measuring liver enzymes in the blood.
The Europeans hit back by saying Odyssey's findings were based on indirect evidence such as temperature data and detecting hydrogen.