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Within these worlds, there is a plurality of qualitatively indiscernible individuals.
47) While I am sympathetic to this claim, it is worth pointing out that Sophistical Refutations 24, 179a37-9 and Physics III 3, 202b14-16 seem to come very close to stating the Identity of Indiscernibles when they claim that only things that have the same being or definition are indiscernible (i.
In 'How Not to Trivialize the Identity of Indiscernibles', Rodrigues-Pereyra, establishes the primacy of the discernment-grounding role of properties over their identity-stating role, through a meticulous use of the principle of the identity of indiscernibles.
In his well-known 1952 dialogue Max Black describes a counterexample to the Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles (PII).
Putative counterexamples to the Principle of Identity of Indiscernibles (PII) are notoriously inconclusive.