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The wheel resource scheme which gives a possibility to value wheel resource increase using compared renewing methods: method 1--turning with one or several tools which are put coherently wheel set using early thermal processing with inductive heating which improves processing (high rate tension + whetting) and method 2 high speed cutting profile outside grinding using thermal processing after it, which restore physical--mechanical roll profile features (HSPP grinding + high rate tension).
The NGTB15N120IHLWG, NGTB20N120IHLWG, and NGTB25N120IHLWG inductive heating specific IGBTs are priced at $1.
By numerical modeling an association has been made between an inductive heating installation (inductor--heated piece) and a mathematical mode with the help of Maxwell's equations and the boundary conditions, necessary to resolve the problem of the electromagnetic field coupled with the thermal one (Hantila 2001).
Inductive heating is an effective idea to heat up the cavity with low energy consumption within a short time and so bring down the mould temperature within a short time as well.
The devices can handle the high power and high voltage levels of RF power amplifiers, inductive heating, high magnetic field environments (MRI coils), and medical & industrial electronics.
The numerical analysis of the electromagnetic field is a major advantage in studying the inductive heating processes which resulted in providing a uniform electromagnetic field for the work pieces.
The new TRIACs are ideal for control of AC loads such as electric heaters, inductive heating equipment, medium-power motors, and other small appliances.
Contract notice: Vacuum chamber with inductive heating unit or fixtures / test string for high temperature mechanical testing.