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New York City Industrial Development Agency Chairman Andrew M.
Also included in the agreement is a five-acre lot between the commercial and industrial developments that will be set aside for a police station.
Applications are made by local industrial development groups on behalf of industrial borrowers.
54,600,000 Industrial Development Authority of the City of Mesa, AZ, variable-rate revenue bonds (Discovery Health System), series 1999B (insured: MBIA Insurance Corp.
25 million authorization being sought, $2 million through the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority, $1.
Santa Cruz Industrial Development Authority (AZ) IDRB series 1985;
For more information on the New York Liberty Bond Program, contact the bond issuers: New York City Industrial Development Agency, 212-312-3600 or www.
The Master Plan Committee recommended that property along Balboa Boulevard that was formerly used by the Air National Guard for barracks and offices be redesignated for light industrial development.
28,785,000 ($31,740,000 original issuance amount), The Industrial Development Authority of the City of Mesa, Arizona, Health Care Facilities Refunding Revenue Bonds (Western Health Network - Valley Lutheran), Series 1988A-2.
Only one day after Grasso went public, the city Industrial Development Agency revoked a $950 million bond-financing plan.
4 million in Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) loans for 20 projects that are expected to create 1,015 jobs.
He is currently Chairman and CEO of Binswanger/Klatskin, a leading real estate services firm, and Partner at Forsgate Industrial Complex, a premiere industrial development company.

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