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The House Environment Committee urged local authorities in Aradippou to look into whether a gold refining facility could be relocated to a heavy industry area following reactions from residents concerned about their health.
Subdivision and development of Industrial Zone in RIC including Site development of part areas (685 hectares) of the Aluminum Downstream Industry area : 231 hectares, Industrial Minerals area : 98 hectares, Phosphate Downstream area: 356 hectares, Pump Station Buildings (PWPS-9, 12 & 13) built-up area: 311 mA (typical), Pump Station Building (PWPS-16) built-up area: 353 mA, Generator Buildings and eastern & western laydown areas (286 hectares).
Extremely well located in a high density marine industry area.
Fauzi invited Bahah to visit Indonesia to get acquainted with the Indonesian experience in the petroleum industry area and to discuss with the concerned authorities and Indonesian companies the opportunities in this sector as well as the information exchange.
Two people were killed in Small industry area, one in Muslim bin Akeel Colony, a woman belonging to Malka Hans was also killed during the thunderstorm.
Visiting Chamber of Industry of Aegean region in the western province of Izmir on Thursday, Gonul said that important businesses were made in Izmir in defense industry area.
Ever since iron ore was found on Eston Hills we have been known as the heavy industry area and we have the knowledge and the men and women to build and run these type of plants.
and Aspenall Energies inaugurated the two first wind turbines in the industry area with the participation of Gov.
in the center of the wholesale home furnishings industry area.
However, the corporate and personal care products division headquarters will remain in the City of Industry area, executives said.
With experts and powerful tools, software suppliers--in tandem with resellers/ integrators--can deliver integrated applications in record time, while customers gain partner-developed, out-of-the-box solutions that incorporate the best practices in their industry area.
July 16 - All Industry Area Rug Forum: A panel of industry experts will discuss the latest issues effecting the area rug industry today.

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