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Since different acyclic orientations with unique source at q' give rise to inequivalent q'-reduced divisors we deduce that if U, V [member of] [[?
Table 1: Number N of inequivalent solutions for the construction of W(2n, 9), when ([absolute value of SPA], [absolute value of SPB]) = (5,4) and 400 [less than or equal to] n [less than or equal to] 500.
They cover the structure of the space of the physical states, inequivalent representations of the canonical commutation relations, the spontaneous breakdown of symmetry and the Goldstone theorem, the dynamical rearrangement of symmetry and macroscopic manifestations of quantum field theory, thermal field theory and trajectories in the space of the representations, selected topics in thermal field theory, topological defects as non-homogeneous condensates, and dissipation and quantization.