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This means the statistically inequivalent distribution of men between the groups did not cause bias in favor of the healthy group in this study.
The distribution of the Mn atoms yields only two types of octahedral interstices and one inequivalent site for the substitution Fe [right arrow] Al which makes it an ideal reference for the study of the [Fe.
Finally, it is clear that infinitely many of these integers n are inequivalent modulo squares of rational numbers.
It formulates distance learning into a constrained convex programming problem, and learns the similarity metric through minimizing the distance between the data points in the equivalent constraints, subject to the constraint that the data points in the inequivalent constraints are well separated [17].
But see Nguyen, supra note 4, at 1288 (arguing omission of trademarks due to careless expediency and inequivalent importance as other intellectual property); Jenkins, supra note 4, at 159-65 (arguing none of reasons for excluding trademarks survives scrutiny).
Detectors for two different scenarios (equivalent covariance matrices and inequivalent covariance matrices) are derived based on a GLRT and ad hoc procedures.
For a complete graph all flags are connected and all distinct flags are inequivalent.
Thus, in Table 4, we only present the number of inequivalent solutions for each order.