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KozmoCloud is a cloud-based backup storage platform offering infinite space at an affordable price.
POLIAKOV owes this achievement to its unique quality, often rewarded in international competitions like in 2013 with a gold medal at the Spirits Business Vodka Masters, and to a powerful advertising universe focusing on extreme cold and infinite space.
The infinite space is adorned with the drama of things "coming into being" and "passing out of existence" in each of the innumerable island universes; each island universe with innumerable galaxies and each galaxy in turn with innumerable stars and planets.
Like trying to describe the scent of a perfume or the colour of a tropical sun, it is difficult to describe COELUX's uplifting effects due to the perception of infinite space which the technology produces.
Invented by architect and psychologist Karl Ryberg, the dome creates the illusion of infinite space filled with brilliant colour projections of narrow bandwidth light from chosen points anywhere on the visible spectrum.
The lonely moon goddess spreads her ample sleeves/To dance for these loyal souls in infinite space," it runs.
What follows could seem familiar template of any survival movie, except that in infinite space where the only human connect is of transmitted voices on radio from Earth, the fear factor gets augmented.
Solution for the stresses due to inclusions in an infinite space can be achieved using Eshelby's method [2].
I suggest that Waterston is a latter-day Romantic naturalist, as much on the sublime edge as Caspar David Friedrich and as obsessed with infinite space and radiant light as J.
does what it can to fill an almost infinite space, the gap between what our schools teach and what goes on in the real world.
Infinity" can refer to potential infinity (as in the set of natural numbers, which has a beginning but no end), to actual infinity (as in the set of real numbers), to infinite space and time, or to an infinite mind (as in the traditional Judeo-Christian-Islamic idea of God).
A: The delightfully paradoxical feeling of reading that's reflected in Hamlet's words: "O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space.