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If the government decides to sell the Tote on the open market, it would have to identify exactly what it was selling, together with all current encumbrances attached, viz a viz an income to racing ad infinitum.
Aldea Digital -- Infinitum will once again demonstrate our commitment to digital inclusion throughout Mexico," Carlos Slim Domit said.
At the end of the day, Adroit Infinitum was named the UAE Professional Category Champions 2013.
If we do this, we accept that the crisis will go on in infinitum ", said the leader of the European People's Party, Joseph Daul.
THEATRE Ad Infinitum brings a new play to Liverpool next week, straight from the Edinburgh Fringe where it garnered five star reviews.
The councillors certainly won't as this would not be to their advantage, consequently the status quo will remain ad infinitum.
THANK you, Paul Dixon, for replying to my grouse about repeats ad infinitum on the BBC and all other channels (Voice of the North, July 1), but, being a pensioner, I can not do anything about itexcept to grouse to newspapers and others and hope those who give money to the channels might withdraw their support for such poor service in entertainment.
They should put the disgraced banking bosses in a room with this, Life of Riley and My Family on repeat ad infinitum.
It also spreads the risk of bad links and reduces dependence in Telecom's Infinitum backbone.
From high school through college-level collections into the public library arena, Nicholas Ostler's AD INFINITUM is a lively history of Latin which traces concurrent developments in the fields of linguistics, politics, world history and more, providing an enthusiastic survey which is far easier reading than the subject would seem to promise.
Initial Entertainment, producer Graham King's company, has bought the rights to turn three books into movies for actor Johnny Depp's production company Infinitum Nihil, which are to be produced for Warner Bros.