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MIS. A syllable which prefixed to some word signifies some fault or defect; as, misadventure, misprision, mistrial, and the like.

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In contrast, most clinical information systems did not offer these benefits.
In addition, Fuji Xerox Information Systems has licensed the Docent Learning Management Server (LMS) to manage the learning and development of its internal engineering employees in order to provide industry-leading IT expertise and high levels of customer satisfaction.
The integration of these two best of class information systems bridges the gap in the coordination of care between existing clinical information systems and physician offices where efficient management of care has the greatest impact.
I've found over the past three to five years that it's much more important for information systems to be involved strategically, partially because of what we've been going through as an organization in determining which technology we want to put in and how we can apply it.
A good competitive information system works with an organization's other existing information systems wherever they may be: the executive suite, the marketing department, or sales offices.
Most of Andrew's existing information systems were developed in the early 1980s and have been enhanced continually over the years.
Individual chapters cover such areas as criminal justice information systems and law enforcement telecommunications systems (chapter 5) and intellect investigations systems, united crime alert network, computer-aided dispatch and software applications (chapter 6).
As new protocols are developed for the treatment of chronic disease across an entire population, information systems should be able to help integrate these protocols into day-to-day patient care.
And you, as information systems head, must match that decentralization of the business to stay close to your customers.
Departments of information systems of health care organizations usually are not at the center of clinical data collection and analysis, in part because they are usually led by managers who are not familiar with clinical practice.
The popularity of PatientKeeper's physician information system continues to grow because of its innovative, integrated portal and mobile applications and because the PatientKeeper's physician information system has been integrated to all major hospital information systems and electronic medical records (EMRs), including Cerner, Eclipsys, Epic, GE Healthcare/IDX, McKesson, MEDITECH, QuadraMed, Siemens, and others.

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