INFORTIATUM, civil law. The second part of the Digest or Pandects of Justinian, is called infortiatum: see Digest. This part, which commences with the third title of the twenty-fourth book, and ends with the thirty- eighth book, was thus called because it was the middle part, which, it was said, was supported and fortified by the two others. Some have supposed that this name was given to it, because it treats of successions, substitutions, and other important matters, and being, more used than the others, produced greater fees to the lawyers.

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38, anadiendola, a causa de la identidad de materia, a esa parte media del Digesto, que despues de este aumento recibio el nombre de Infortiatum (= aumentado, ampliado) --no se debe acompanar del sustantivo Digesto--.
4: "Hic desinit Infortiatum proprie sic editum incipiuntque quae dicentur Tres partes", y n.