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Since piebaldism is a genetically inherited trait, the condition as well as the pattern of hair color can be passed from one generation to the next.
Perhaps the simplest explanation for the existence of antagonistic pleiotropy is that directional selection on maternal performance and/or offspring phenotype has led to the maintenance of alleles that differ in their phenotypic effect at successive life stages (Falconer 1981; for a contradictory result from artificial selection on a maternally inherited trait, see Swartz and Famula 1994).
In addition, they observed that cells isolated from parents and their children responded similarly, indicating that toxin sensitivity is an inherited trait.
Goodarzi and his associates had raised the possibility that the metabolic clearance rate of insulin was largely an inherited trait, because of patterns seen in a cohort of 403 Mexican American subjects (Diabetes 2005; 54:1222-7).
The iris color is believed to be an inherited trait, or a characteristic that is passed from parent to offspring.
And whether a god or a monster or other idea is perceived, past learning or exposure (and possibly even an inherited trait such as pure-tone talent in music) would be the only plausible explanations.
It hypothesizes a clear-cut chain of molecular processes that leads from a single DNA gene to the appearance of a particular inherited trait.
Something happens during menopause where this inherited trait starts expressing itself," he says.
Lactose intolerance results from a lactase deficiency - an inherited trait.
Ovide Pomerleau, director of the Behavioral Medicine Program, University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry, suggests that vulnerability to nicotine dependence may be an inherited trait.