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We also saw data about other new classes of drugs, including many other entry inhibitors, CCR-5 inhibitors, and one drug from a completely new class that may be a viral assembly inhibitor.
One of the most attractive things about a boosted protease inhibitor as a starting regimen is not only its potency, which is clear and established, but also this high genetic barrier to resistance.
In test-tube studies, Microcide researchers had found several efflux-pump inhibitors that reduced the resistance of a strain of P aeruginosa to fluoroquinolones.
Extensive research in the field of kinase inhibitors has revealed their target-specific functionality in being able to provide therapeutic treatments for various chronic diseases.
In 48-week data presented at the Retroviruses conference, this protease inhibitor did not increase blood cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, or triglycerides in treatment-naive patients (6) -- suggesting that it may be useful in developing HAART treatment regimens with fewer side effects.
Why ACE inhibitors might damage a fetus is unclear, says study coauthor William O.
Santhera has developed an excellent and innovative medicinal chemistry capability with the diabetes DPP-IV inhibitor project as one of the strongest examples.
released results of a small, 10-day human trial of the maturation inhibitor PA-457, the first time more than a single dose of this compound has been tested in HIV-positive people.
The use of viral load testing in studies investigating the protease inhibitors was another cause for excitement.
Of the 3,266 women identified, 1,590 had received zidovudine monotherapy, 533 had received a combination of antiretroviral drugs (396 whose treatment included protease inhibitors and 137 whose treatment did not) and 1,143 had not received any antiretroviral drugs.
How health plans react to the launch of cox-2 inhibitors may serve as an example for future pharmacy management efforts.

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