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1 percent of the children exposed to ACE inhibitors had congenital defects--mainly of the heart and central nervous system--compared with only 1.
DPP-IV inhibitors represent one of the most promising new diabetes treatments.
Besides maturation inhibitors for HIV, Panacos is also developing small-molecule fusion inhibitors for HIV and possibly some other viruses.
The results from studies with protease inhibitors were met with so much enthusiasm that many researchers were discussing the possibility of eradicating the virus from a person's body.
In response to the proteasome inhibitors, nerve cells all over the brain boosted their proteasomal activity, but the substantia nigra and other PD-affected areas were unable to sustain this compensatory response, and ultimately showed reduced proteasomal activity as occurs in PD.
A number of drugs that are early entry inhibitors are in the pipeline, but you have to think about 2008 for those," says Bob Huff, editor of "GMHC Treatment Issues," an AIDS treatment and research monthly newsletter based in New York City.
Among women who had used combined drug therapy, the rates of adverse outcomes for those who had taken protease inhibitors and those who had not were similar, with the exception of the rate of low birth weight, which was higher among users of protease inhibitors (20% vs.
The use of the ACE inhibitors was first recommended in the late 1980s, says William T.
For cox-2 inhibitors, it is already known that the market demand will be strong, but that the appropriate patient selection criteria will probably be an issue.
A lot of people are showing very good results with protease inhibitors with little long-term damage,'' Rodrigues said.
In addition, integrase inhibitors represent a relatively new class of compounds that has not had a long history of clinical research and development.
More than twice the percentage of patients achieved this drop in the tipranavir arm than in the comparison protease inhibitor arm, so tipranavir was deemed to have proven efficacy.

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