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Yet while Miss Mount can remove the literal poison, she cannot completely innoculate herself against the far more insidious social venom produced by the persistent obtuseness of royalty or the homophobic malice of the Plash sisters.
The comedy functions to innoculate against any genuinely subversive implications the film may havc, and the sheer density of the film's allusions (to other films, other genres, other actors and performances) makes it impossible to establish a comprehensive point of view, to gauge the filmmakers' attitude to their material.
In her fifth letter, |54' wrote, |Monday I go with all my Family for about a Month to innoculate my Dr Children.
The organic material was used mainly to try and innoculate the clover in such a way that there would be a bacterial source for the clover seed so that it could start the vital process of nitrogen fixation.
Foreign Office advice for travellers to Brazil's Amazon region is for a batch of jabs to innoculate against a range of potentially deadly equatorial diseases.
When I was a kid, I was given an injection a week over three winters in a bid to innoculate me against my horrific hayfever.
Claiming "Arab" support when you mean the support of Arab dictators does not innoculate you to a blow-back from real Arabs.
Unlike the more expensive single-dose vials, which are discarded once used and therefore need no preservative, multidose vials contain enough vaccine to innoculate several children.
When the kids do watch, parents should watch with them and point out the problems, to innoculate the kids against the stereotyped and harmful messages.