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JAB SCARE: The MMR vaccine; DOSE: One of the MMR vaccines used to innoculate children; LOVING: Anne O'Connor with son Stephen, 11, who suffers from autism
Now the dog's vet has warned that Bliss may not be the last victim unless owners innoculate their pets against ticks before they leave the UK.
Worse still these people feel they are above the law, that their fame and fortune innoculate them against prosecution.
There had been widespread speculation that Clinton would stake out a position on Iran more confrontational than Obama has pursued in an effort to innoculate herself from debates over Iran policy with Republicans, all of whom are likely to be more hardline than Obama.
Affirming relationships prior to a threat appears to innoculate individuals from the negative effects of critique from an outgroup member.
Foreign Office advice for travellers to the Amazon region of Brazil, especially in June and July, is for a batch of jabs to innoculate against a range of potentially deadly equatorial diseases, the report added.
Yes, there is still a need to innoculate children in these countries against diseases such as Malaria, TB, Polio and Leprosy.