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INQUISITOR. A designation of sheriffs, coroners, super visum corporis, and the like, who have power to inquire into certain matters.
     2. The name, of an officer, among ecclesiastics, who is authorized to inquire into heresies, and the like, and to punish them. An ecclesiastical judge.

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Rogue-type Inquisitors can use two weapons with both hands such as wielding two daggers.
Maybe progress is good, but it leaves mistakes in its wake for inquisitors to pick at.
By the late sixteenth century, manual writers as well as the inquisitors came to see ritual as a means of gauging belief; a window into the soul, so to speak.
Ambiguous gender in early modern Spain and Portugal; inquisitors, doctors and the transgression of gender norms.
It is important not to prejudge findings but the inquisitors must listen carefully to all those claiming they were abused and ignored.
It is appalling that one of the BBC's key inquisitors should be so ill-informed.
Renaissance Inquisitors: Dominican Inquisitors and Inquisitorial Districts in Northern Italy, 1474-1527.
As things stand, the suspicion will be that having hand picked the inquisitors, the Government which ordered the war it so badly wanted will be provided now with whatever inquiry result it wants.
In turn, the social instability that sodomy might involve--as when black slaves had sex with Christian youths--was tremendously worrying to inquisitors and the people at large, though the two groups acted on that anxiety in different ways.
When asked at his Friday press conference about players signing new contracts he delighted in teasing his inquisitors.
Explore new unit types, legends, keywords and classes for your favorite EQ and EQII classes archetypes, with the introduction of Monks, Enchanters, Inquisitors and Bards
Sixteenth-century mathematicians Girolamo Cardano and Niccolo Tartaglia argued over the invention of cubic equations, ending when Tartaglia allegedly turned over Cardano to Spanish inquisitors.