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A characterization of inscribable 3-poly topes was found by Hodgson, Rivin and Smith using hyperbolic geometry [HRS92, Riv96].
Valued at $5 each and packaged in sets of five, GiftCard Gift Tags feature inscribable "to" and "from" areas and a pre-punched hole enabling the giver to attach the card to another gift with ribbon.
The empty space created by the Group Areas Act may represent a blank, inscribable utopian ideal for the Afrikaners who planned to erect the white suburb of Triomf in place of the cultural heart of black Johannesburg, but to the people who were forcibly relocated from their homes this act of removal could hardly be seen in such positive terms.
The characteristics particularly show up in the through-cutting of abrasive inks such as density white, screen ink, metallic ink, and luminescent ink, as well as inscribable color and inscribable lacquer.
As Logan details, a primary cause, as well as symptom, of both the nervous body and the nervous narrator was an "excessive impressionability" (2), which allowed for a deluge of "retained impressions" to take root in an "overly inscribable body, one that is too easily written upon by the stimulus of its day-to-day experience" (28).
Finally, the blank panel makes reference to the oppressed status of female figures in traditional narrative representations, wherein they are identified as inscribable only by desiring male subjects.