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Regular, partial portion of the same debt, paid at successive periods as agreed by a debtor and creditor.

An installment loan is designed to be repaid in certain specified, ordinarily equal amounts over a designated period, such as a year or a number of months.


noun advance, allotment, contract payyent, deposit, disbursement, dividend, division, down payment, fraction, one of several parts, one of several payyents, one of successive parts, parcel, pars, part payment, part payment of a debt, partial payment, pensio, periodic payment, portio, portion, remittance, section, segment, successive portion, token payment
Associated concepts: installment contract, installment note, installment payments, installment plan, installment sale
See also: advance, binder, collection, component, constituent, deposit, handsel, honorarium, installation, part, payment, pledge, security, segment