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INSTAR. Likeness; resemblance; equivalent as, instar dentium, like teeth; instar omnium, equivalent to all.

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Our vision for InStar has always been to provide great service and become a partner to our customers who need to return to business quickly," said Tom Denomme, CEO, InStar.
First instars of Rhantus calidus (Fabricius) representing a Georgia population are described and illustrated.
The loose end served as an opening for the fifth instar prior to moulting to adulthood.
Apesar do consumo de lagartas de 2 instar ter sido inferior ao consumo de lagartas de 1 instar, o 4 e o 5 instar, foram as fases ninfais que mais predaram e se apresentaram bem superior em comparacao aos demais instares (Tabela 1C).
Finally, it may be concluded that the dexamethasone hormone treatment showed profound influence by elevating growth and development of silkworm larvae and a significant reduction in larval instar period.
Ovigerous females collected from the West Branch of the Grand Calumet River and from Illinois, Lake County, Dead River mouth in Illinois Beach State Park included females with 1st instar and ova with eyespots on the verge of eclosion (Table 1).