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For some among the non-religious, participating in an institutional religion is the only thing that feels right.
Although popular books on atheism may be responsible for thoughtful Christians abandoning churches, institutional religion is equally culpable for the decline.
Instead of making that change institutional religion is passing by on the other side of a host of social problems.
asks why an unusually high number of Buddhist nuns has accompanied the revival of both popular and institutional religion in Taiwan since the 1980s.
These thinkers were not generally friends of institutional religion, but insofar as they manifest any affinity for existing models, they have rather more in common with liberal Protestants than with Roman Catholics.
Questions concerning the place of faith in American civil society have in recent elections assumed a new visibility, and many scholars have enlivened the debate by invoking the aid of institutional religion along with the institutions of family, labor unions, and other mediating entities and relations.
There is a long history to that rejection, a history to Canadians' desire to privatize piety and erase a momentous fault line of our past--from opposition to the Anglican clergy reserve lands, which was one of the principle causes of the 1837 rebellion to the ugly anti-Roman Catholicism of the Orange Order, to the 19th-century religious divisiveness over education, politics and the execution of Riel, to Laurier's opposition to the ultramontane bishops and their state within a state, to the evil institutional presence of religion in the residential schools, to the exclusion of Jews and Roman Catholics from anglo-Canadian elites, to the social repression by the church in Quebec, to the homophobia and misogyny that still linger on in institutional religion.
That's the trouble with institutional religion - if atrocities are performed in the name of God, Jesus, Mohammed, Allah or whichever prophet or god these vile people happen to have latched on to, then it's all OK.
are struggling to reach young adults and many young people have turned their backs on institutional religion.
Her not marrying, her working for a living, the eroticism in her writing and her art, the pacifism and feminism of her poetry, her rejection of institutional religion, her reading Radclyffe Hall and owning a first edition of A Room of One's Own are all traces of her rebellion and modernity.
London -- When the Employment Equality (sexual orientation) Regulations were passed in Britain in 2003, they contained an exemption for institutional religion.
In a region like Asia and the Pacific where institutional religion still plays a central role in the daily lives of many people, this reform is essential for gender equality in practice.
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