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INSULA, Latin. An island. In the Roman law the word is applied to a house not connected with other houses, but separated by a surrounding space of ground. Calvini Lex; Vicat, Vocab. ad voc.

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Rationale: This proposed amendment permits any state, the District of Columbia, commonwealth, territory, insular area, or nation to affiliate with AVA and become part of the AVA Regional/National organization.
Despite these and other efforts, some insular areas are still not completing their projects in a timely and effective manner, and OIA faces key obstacles in compelling them to do so.
While some of these challenges are beyond the insular areas' control, others result from decisions made by the insular area governments.
The insular area governments have had long-standing financial accountability problems, including the late submission of required single audits, the receipt of disclaimer or qualified audit opinions, and the reporting of many serious internal control weaknesses.
Governor John de Jongh learned from the Office of Insular Areas of the US Dept of the Interior that the government of the US Virgin Islands would shortly receive $165 million for estimated rum excise tax cover-over for fiscal year 2015.
Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery to states, units of general local government, Indian tribes and Insular areas that experienced a Presidentially-declared major disaster in 2011, 2012 or 2013.
The federal government had answers for the states, but the insular areas were not given this same courtesy.
Interior Department said that Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Tony Babauta signed a $365,000 grant award allowing the school to move ahead with architecture and engineering designs.