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Whole life insurance policies are often popular among consumers close to retirement age.
In addition to easing the burden for insurance companies that believed it to be actuarially unsound to include the risk of flood in standard insurance policies, the NFIP also assisted citizens who otherwise wouldn't be able to obtain the coverage.
WHEN INDIVIDUALS OR BUSINESSES HAVE UNNEEDED life insurance policies they have three options: continue paying the premiums until the insured's death, surrender the policy for the cash value or find a third party to buy the policy in a life settlement transaction.
Some LTC insurance policies restrict the age and health status of potential buyers.
When was the last time you checked your insurance policies to make certain all of the individuals and other legal entities that should be shown as Named Insureds are correctly listed?
Waksberg said he does not hold out much hope that survivors will ever collect on insurance policies that are rightfully theirs.
The extent of future earnings is a contingency, and insurance policies can be purchased which pay in the event that earnings projections are not met.
Insurance policies can be written in hundreds of combinations.
While insurance policies may be able to minimize the hard-dollar financial loss of a cyber attack, insurance cannot repair the subsequent damage to a vendor's reputation and the erosion of customer confidence that often accompanies such an attack.
To avoid this unfortunate situation, life insurance policies are available that provide the cash to pay estate taxes.
Don't forget about insurance policies provided through your employer's group insurance plan, either.
Some health insurance policies pay all or part of the purchase price of a necessary mobility device.

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