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Completed; made whole or entire. Desegregated; converted into a nonracial, nondiscriminatory system.

A contract that has been adopted as a final and complete expression of an agreement between two parties is an integrated agreement.

A school that has been integrated has been made into one in which students, faculty, staff, facilities, programs, and activities combine individuals of different races.


School Desegregation.

See: coadunate, collective, composite, compound, conjoint, inseparable
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Payment Processing, Incorporated (PPI), the industry leader in integrated transaction processing, today announced it is powering CreditWare, AltaPoint Data System's integrated credit card processing component to AltaPoint 7.
Unified Information Systems - The hallmark of the future integrated system will be the integration of information.
Enterprise clients are able to successfully move beyond providing wireless voice and email to their mobile workforce because Integrated Mobile provides the infrastructure required to deploy and support advanced wireless applications.
With the integrated PPI/AbacusLaw solution, law offices can offer clients a credit card billing option that enables payments to be authorized within seconds and includes an option for automatic monthly payments.
This research service titled European Integrated Facilities Management Markets provides an overview of the trends and the total revenues in the European markets.
Health Savings Technology is dedicated to improving the landscape of consumer driven healthcare," said Dan Boisvert, president and CEO of Integrated Healthcare.
In order to rapidly advance the company's position as a provider of cost-effective Integrated Customer Interaction Management (ICIM) solutions in the contact center markets, OnviSource acquired and integrated the technologies necessary to build the new enterprise applications.
New system options allow for a more tightly integrated cath lab, which reduces the risk for errors, provides more efficient patient care, adds clinical value and simplifies cardiology workflow, while allowing for better management of complex procedures.
Integrated Healthcare is at the forefront of the Health Savings Accounts movement in our industry," states Daniel Boisvert, Integrated Healthcare president.
The MAP-330 Integrated Sensor/AP is part of the Colubris Intelligent Mobility System (CIMS), an optimized WLAN switching system that provides high performance client access with integrated best-of-breed RF security.
Unlike third-party applications, Vivox communication services are fully integrated into the game.
Has the steel industry--and not only the steel industry, but the integrated steel industry--become a growth industry?

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