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fossil Tyliosperma orbiculatum, with seven integument lobes that are
Genosperma kidstonii, with free integument lobes (Rothwell &
Development of the ovule and integuments in Euphorbia milii and Codiaeum variegatum.
In Lomandra, at least on the side of the megagametophyte facing the highly vascularised raphe, where there is no outer integument, dermal cells degenerate soon after fertilisation, leaving the Zuleitungsbahn as a resistant strand (postament: see below).
ontogeny (with special reference to the developmental sequence of integument, nucellus, and endosperm tissues, as well as lytic processes of these tissues)
Second, several authors have emphasized the enlargement of the contact area between endosperm and integument.
The diagram shows that the integument (future seed coat or testa) consists of a stony layer with a fleshy layer on its outside as well as on its inside.
In the micropylar end of the seed, there are two separate membranous structures; the one closely adhering to the sclerotesta is the unvascularised part of the pleurotesta, derived from the inner layers of the integument whilst the other one represents the remains of the nucellus (perisperm), firmly attached to the female gametophyte and covering the archegonium chamber.