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The effect of calcium ion on texture is due to the hardening of the integument and cell wall cotyledons by the formation of [Ca.
The integuments started with periclinal and oblique divisions at the base of the nucellus.
alata confirms the statement of Tokuoka and Tobe (2003) that the ovules of the subtribe Dalechampiinae, including Dalechampia, presents a vascularized outer integument, which is unknown in the subtribes Plukenetiinae and Trigiinae.
Excised embryos from the ovular integuments were maintained on Giberellic acid-free MS medium.
The immune system, with its ability to eliminate and sequester pathogens and their toxic products from the surfaces of the integuments and from the internal milieu, is the second line of defense.
Normalization of skin integuments, foot warming, perifocal inflammation arrest and demarcation as well as boundary epithelialization, secondary wound cleansing and active granulations were among the manifestations of distinct positive dynamics in wound process to make mention of.
In turtles with dark integuments, the skin of turtle tail tips contains numerous melanosomes in the keratinized layer while turtles with light integuments have relatively few melanosomes in the keratinized layer.
The diagram shows that the integument (future seed coat or testa) consists of a stony layer with a fleshy layer on its outside as well as on its inside.
Implicitly, to take this argument to its logical conclusion, Lowney may also be claiming that in its ability to reshape our understanding of history, in its complex integuments with our memories and life experiences, lies one of the poetry's most authentic possibilities for engagement in social and historical work, for being "political.
Nomenclature of chaetotaxic complexes on the larval integuments of A.