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Intellectual Giftedness in Young Children is a much-needed valuable contribution to the field.
The flawed, but seductive, assumption that intellectual giftedness guarantees social and economic success has led to a lasting distrust and resentment of intellectually gifted children and adults, and this has had significant effects on the development of gifted education in Australia.
To establish evidence of discriminant validity, a discriminant analysis was performed using school district identification of intellectual giftedness as the discriminating variable.
We also found that intellectual giftedness when associated with AD/HD did not offer protection from outcomes of (a) failing to produce relative to expectations (underachievement); (b) starting and organizing assignments; or (c) sustaining attention and work action to routines, long-term projects, and homework.
But that temptation should be resisted, warned several scientists -- including diamond -- at a recent meeting in New York City on the "Neurobiology of Intellectual Giftedness.
Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of intellectual giftedness focuses on three main dimensions which include: information processing through internal representation of objects and symbols, information processing based on past experiences, and adapting to real-world environments.

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