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Netrics is the world's leading innovator and provider of intelligent database record matching software, built on patented fourth-generation technologies.
NewLeads declares that there are many other benefits to having an intelligent database comparison when badges are scanned.
LAS VEGAS -- LighthouseMD, a leading provider of revenue cycle management, integrated practice management and EMR solutions to medical groups, today announced a partnership with Medicomp Systems, the developer of MEDCIN[R] intelligent database of clinical documentation.
Intelligent Database and Barcode Scanning System Provides Valuable Data on Tools, Equipment and Portable Assets
Our research estimates that 50% of database information contains confidential or sensitive information requiring organizations to invest in more intelligent database management solutions.
It conducts and supports research and development in the dissemination of high quality imagery, medical language processing, high-speed access to biomedical information, intelligent database systems development, multimedia visualization, knowledge management, data mining and machine-assisted indexing.
The main audience of this book is researchers who are interested in the topics of intelligent databases and soft computing, and want to gain an overview of current research topics and the latest research results in the field of fuzzy object-oriented databases It may also be interesting to practitioners faced with fuzzy information in their non-traditional application fields (e.
Systems, software and the internet are the bedrock of Silicon Valley from smart search engines and intelligent databases to open source software, social networking, e-commerce and web TV.

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