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Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find such a vibrant group of intelligent people (30 to 40 at each meeting) interested in all matters of health and longevity.
Most often, highly intelligent people communicate and interact best with other intelligent people.
NEW YORK, April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- A new dating site exclusively for intelligent people has just launched.
Think smart--act smart; avoiding the business mistakes that even intelligent people make.
There are enough intelligent people involved, so please can someone solve the Turf TV row?
To most sensible and intelligent people, this means they must be on very low incomes.
Cleckley portrayed psychopaths as superficially charming, intelligent people who don't feel deep emotions and lie about almost everything because they neither understand nor care about others.
So why did so many allegedly intelligent people naively believe that the computer technology "information age" of IT would replace manufacturing in the economic base?
All these interesting and intelligent people want to become Catholic?
Why, oh why, can't supposedly intelligent people do the talking first, rather than later, and spare the lives and property of the innocent and poor?
That ostensibly intelligent people in 2006 still cling to such attitudes is undeniable, but this play dares the audience to shout down a world that rewards gay people for pretending they're not.
From the 1960s onward, Graham became increasingly convinced that society was doomed unless intelligent people started producing intelligent children.

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