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Part I addresses negligence, intentional torts, agency (a legal relationship where one person is authorized to act for another, for example master/servant or proprietor/independent contractor), contracts, alarms, and damages.
16) Intentional torts require that an actor intend not only the act itself, but also the consequences of the act.
The verdict form did not ask whether the employer's liability was direct or vicarious or whether the employer might be vicariously liable for the intentional torts found by the jury to have been committed by Smith.
Coverage then encompasses basic intentional torts, damages, statutes of limitations, and invasion of privacy.
Sovereign immunity does not protect public employees from personal liability for their intentional torts, including assault and battery," the judge wrote in a Feb.
2010), that the economic loss rule in Florida is applicable in only two situations and, even then, is subject to exceptions for intentional torts and torts requiring proof of intent.
Except for intentional torts, the state's workers' compensation statute bars injured employees who sustained a compensable injury from bringing action at common law or by statute.
other claims, including other intentional torts, in a manner that
Under theories of warranty, intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability (of one sort or the other), tort law has awarded damages to victims of technology gone awry or misused.
The Supreme Court Committee on Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases proposes new instructions for intentional torts as an exception to the exclusive remedy of workers' compensation.