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GIFT INTER Vivos. A gift made from one or more persons, without any prospect of immediate death, to one or more others.
     2. These gifts are so called to distinguish them from gifts causa- mortis, (vide Donatio causa mortise,) from which they differ essentially. 1. A gift inter vivos, when completed by delivery, passes the title to the thing so that it cannot be recovered back by the giver; the gift causa mortis is always given upon the implied condition that the giver may, at any time during his life, revoke it. 7 Taunt. 231; 3 Binn. 366. 2. A gift inter vivos may be made by the giver at any time; the donatio causa mortis must be made by the donor while in peril of death. In both cases there must be a delivery. 2 Kent's Com. 354; 1 Beav. R. 605; 1 Miles, R. 109.

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Our results leave open the possibility that the level of inter vivos transfers and inheritances differs between whites and blacks and plays a role in the wealth gap.
This burden is offset if owners of land give it to those who do not yet own it, either on death or through inter vivos transfers.
However, in Bongard, (7) the Tax Court ruled that a decedent's inter vivos transfers were includible in his estate under Sec.
1982), the Florida Supreme Court adopted the Carpenter rule for presumption of undue influence cases involving inter vivos transfers.
Kaplow discusses the importance of different transfer motives and reconsiders the analysis in light of the importance of: human capital in intergenerational transfers; differences between inter vivos transfers and bequests; differences between gifts to individuals and gifts to charitable institutions; differences among gifts to donees having varying relationships to the donor; and the possibility that transfers are not explained by maximizing behavior.
McGarry finds that parents do respond to the incentives in the tax law in this way; both the probability and amount of inter vivos transfers are larger for parents whose estates will likely be taxed.
1990) (The court held that the surviving spouse's elective share did not extend to completed inter vivos transfers of assets even if made with the specific intent to diminish or eliminate a surviving spouse's elective share.
For inter vivos transfers, the valuation date is the date on which the property is transferred to the trust.
19] This cohort-level rejection of intergenerational altruism is very strongly confirmed by studies of the consumption and inter vivos transfers of individual extended American families.
2518-2(c)(5) for some examples of inter vivos transfers between spouses and to trusts.
Bequests differ from inter vivos transfers in requiring advance planning, a formal legal document, and no opportunity for reciprocal benefit at a later date (Hurd 2009).
2011-209 (Turner I), the Tax Court originally held that the decedent's inter vivos transfers of property to a family limited partnership (FLP) had to be included in his gross estate under Sec.

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