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The i-solution for Interactive Communication overcomes those obstacles by opening new lines of communication and resource sharing.
The Net-SAFE[R] security features, including access control lists, call rate limiting and topology hiding, help ensure that IP networks are secure and available to provide IP interactive communication services.
The partnership between Microlog and KPN to distribute our Intela interactive communications platform continues to produce business opportunities for both companies in the rapidly expanding Dutch interactive communications market," stated Richard A.
As demand for SOA-architected solutions increase, so does the opportunity to deliver interactive communications as an integral part of this architecture," said Tom Burkardt, president & CEO, BlueNote Networks.
The solution ensures seamless delivery of real-time interactive communications across IP networks, similar to a telephone call over the PSTN which typically traverses multiple circuit-switched networks.
The site, which provides ordering and product information for patients and healthcare professionals on the Resurgex line of products, was designed by Blue Diesel, a leading interactive communications agency serving the healthcare industry.

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