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He also gave examples of intercessory prayers that plead the promises of God.
Like his society, Augustine had varying views of whether one's fate could be affected after death, by God through fiery purgation or through the intercessory prayers and actions of those left behind.
The researchers used an audiometer and vision charts to evaluate 14 rural Mozambican subjects who reported impaired hearing and 11 who reported impaired vision, both before and after the subjects received proximal intercessory prayer (PIP).
On the contrary, experiences of intercessory prayer (41.
Granted, Antonio makes no mention of prayer, but intercessory prayer is on the minds of the other men in the courtroom.
In the MANTRA study cited above, off- site, intercessory prayer was provided by seven prayer groups of varying denominations around the world.
Arguing against those who detect the strong presence of the Genevan Bible, the Book of Homilies, and the Book of Common Prayer, Beauregard, in both the individual chapters and in two appendices that list extensive evidence for his arguments, contends that Shakespeare had a Catholic mindset, was influenced by the Rheims translation of the New Testament, and dared to present onstage some of the very features of Catholicism that were most repugnant to Protestant reformers--for example, purgatory, the sacrament of penance, intercessory prayer, admirable friars and nuns, and the miraculous.
Despite those questions, intercessory prayer has been part of Christian tradition since the beginning.
At times, patients or their families may request intercessory prayer to address physical and emotions problems the patient may be experiencing.
In this, Reed reconciles teleology with eschatology and makes a strong case for intercessory prayer.
Judaism has examples of meditation and heartfelt intercessory prayer used to open blockages.
Although intercessory prayer is widely believed to influence recovery from illness, the claims of benefits are not supported by well-controlled clinical trials.