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But this conclusion relies on the direction of causality: if interest groups cause government, and not vice versa, the only means to constrain government is to first constrain interest group activity.
These numbers are even more intriguing when one considers that, at first glance, it does not appear particularly productive for interest groups to attend transnational conferences.
Different mobile devices compose a mobile peer to peer network, and they are divided into different interest groups according to their social relationships.
Music of Latin America Interest Group, Jenny Campbell (jenny_campbell@msn.
3) That is, legislatures sell and interest groups buy legislation.
In this detailed and well documented case study of the creation of regional interest groups, several principally important issues are illuminated by Andersson.
Terry also examines the context in which American foreign policy is shaped, from the impact of popular culture to the power of certain ethnic special interest groups such as Jewish American organizations.
that are grabbed out of thin air by pampered, self-indulgent, hedonistic special interest groups.
The nations are not alone; important interest groups are attending the meeting as well, and they will attempt to influence political leaders and public opinion in order to ensure that any final treaty is beneficial--or at least not harmful--to their long-term goals.
Interest Groups in American Campaigns: The New Face of Electioneering.
The LEO system can put you in touch with other professionals across the country or with numerous special interest groups.