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The difference is that the DEW deck of cards approach is practical-minded-when one card does not yield much insight, you go for another-whereas divination based on I Ching believes in what Carl Jung calls "synchronicity," or the interfusion of alea and necessity.
Chaurette's play demonstrates not only a drive toward death but a paradoxical interfusion of thanatos (life-denial) and eros (life-assertion).
For Young (1990, 239), the interfusion of groups in the city occurs partly due to the 'multiuse differentiation of social space'; for him, urban spaces are interesting due to the diversity of users and facilities they support.
The Freudian antithesis is especially germane to The Ambassadors, which negotiates complex semiotic transactions between the visual and the linguistic in an effort to work out a synthetic alliance (an interfusion, to use James's term) between image and word, to trace out the continuity between sensory perception and expression.
The interfusion of motives we see in the characterization of Bourdieus working classes allows us to retroactively complicate stereotypes that arguably originate in the nineteenth century but persist today.
in the interfusion of the SAME throughout the radically DIFFERENT, or of the different throughout a base radically the same" (103) rather than in "counterfeiting" (104) in an attempt "to teach and delight.
The assiduity by which the French philosopher tries to confine his own analysis, the methodological stages of his research, the switch of methods (from phenomenology to hermeneutics), the interfusion of methods (the grafting of hermeneutics to phenomenology) somehow settles the impossibility of accurately determining what "hermeneutic phenomenology" means.
London-based production firm Interfusion Films saw a gap in the UK gardening television schedules and headhunted Jonathan, a Liberal Democrat on Gateshead Council, after reading his blogs on the internet about growing his own food on a local allotment site.
The final section examines the interfusion of technological and scientific knowledge.
Similarly, in TPVs, the difference between the surface energy of the PP matrix and the crosslinked EOC particles leads to the adsorption of the PP molecule onto the surface of the crosslinked EOC particles through segmental interfusion mechanism (28), (29).
From the above excerpt one can discern an astonishingly sympathetic imagination at work in Osundare's verse, a fecund imagination which combines an animistic mental universe with a Romantic predilection, all of this powered by an interfusion of ofo, oriki, and other allied folk poetic sub-genres.
The fusion of memory and reality finds itself also in the interfusion of the seven-year-old girl and the renowned poet; the seemingly matter-of-fact recall of the past experience becomes the poet's rewriting of it.