interim agreement

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The Interim Agreement specified that this transfer would be determined through consultation by joint committees, composed equally of Israelis and Palestinians, which would take decisions by consensus.
INTERPOL and the STL concluded last month an interim agreement on INTERPOL's assistance to the international tribunal.
The papers reported that the interim agreement was put into effect on August 24, and added that a cooperation agreement is being negotiated between the tribunal and Interpol.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Regarding United Artists Films seeking an interim agreement with the Writers Guild of America (WGA): Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
The pilots currently are flying under an interim agreement reached in April.
Concerned about unsafe working conditions, the dancers and the union proposed an interim agreement on Dec.
The pilots of Delta Air Lines have ratified an interim agreement.
A number of MNO harvesters have been charged with hunting infractions dating back to the time before the MNO and the province signed an interim agreement on harvesting in July 2004.
An interim agreement was reached last November that allowed De Beers to push forward in bringing the diamond mine to production.
The district and Anaverde have reached an interim agreement for phase
The interim agreement, which runs until the end of 2004, also ensures major fixtures such as Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood will be on BBC.
CalCPA then signed an interim agreement until Phase II of the deal was worked out.

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