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Considering the previously paid interim dividends, total dividends for 2016 amount to RUB 195 per share, a 10.
Dividends: The AGM approved amendments to the company's charter allowing the payment of interim dividends (either semiannually or quarterly).
Car dealer Caffyns plc (LSE:CFYN) announced today an interim dividend payment of GBP0.
The additional interim dividend underscores the fact we are committed to growing our platform in order to generate cash and return it to shareholders," spokeswoman Yelena Prokhorova said on Thursday.
The leading brewer said the decision is related to its planned acquisition of its own shares worth 60 billion yen, which may cause a temporary drop in surplus funds required under the Commercial Code to pay interim dividends.
As part of this arrangement, Leonia Bank will distribute EUR 118 million (FIM 700 million) as interim dividend to its owner, Leonia plc.
Based on the 1H11 results, the interim dividend payment should be at least RUB1.
The FSA said voting rights would not accrue on preferred shares from nonpayment of interim dividends, although the consequence is unavoidable if banks skip annual dividends.
has decided to bring forward the ex-dividend date for the 1999 interim dividend on ordinary shares and depositary receipts for shares from Monday, November 15, to Monday, November 8.
said Tuesday it will forgo interim dividend payments for the first time in 16 years.
The Directors of the Company have resolved to declare an interim dividend of eleven Hong Kong cents (HK$0.
UNILEVER RESULTS Third Quarter 1995 and Interim Dividends

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