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Unlike interlaced scanning (the NTSC standard which projects alternating frames of 262.
This channel is displayed on a TV set through a process called interlaced scanning, which presents half of the total 525 lines that make up a single screen at a time.
Viewing tests with non-expert consumers in Ottawa, Canada, showed that, for a given number of bits, interlaced scanning showed a "better" picture than progressive scanning.
Then the demodulator converts the analog signals to digital signals and reduces the signals to baseband signals with central frequency at 10MHz, which are absolutely digital signals here, the MPEG decoder converts these digital signals to analog signals, the analog signals here are still interlaced scanning signals which will become progressive scanning signals after the interpolation algorithm of back-end image processing.
5) 1080i:A digital broadcasting video signal format that uses 1,080 effective scan lines (1,125 actual lines) and interlaced scanning at 29.