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While transferring interlaced video formats to the LCD TV's progressive display, color transitions are sharpened through iDEA's algorithms and motion compensated de-interlacing to minimize any "ghost trailing" effects.
The addition of component video input to the existing S-video and composite video inputs enables the iScan Pro to accept the highest quality interlaced video signal from a DVD player.
ViewStation FX and VS4000, the rackmounted codec, are the first interactive video communications systems to deliver TV-quality video implementing 60 fields per second interlaced video encoding for lifelike interaction and higher video resolution.
Cobra accepts RGB, TV and special format interlaced video signals, and uses four independent video scalers to support a multi video display.
Owners of today's hot new digital-ready displays cannot truly reap the benefits of high image quality with current standard-definition interlaced video formats.
Highly flexible scaling and aspect ratio conversion are used to convert standard interlaced video signals into high-definition compatible signals.
The camcorder is capable of three shooting modes: Normal Movie for recording conventional interlaced video; Photo for recording still images, such as formal portraits; and Progressive Scan Digital Motor Drive for recording non- interlaced video at 30 frames-per-second.
The new HDTV UpConverter converts standard interlaced video (480i or 480p) and standard definition television signals into HDTV, progressive-scan resolutions of 480p, 720p or 1080i to provide users with cinema-quality video for an exhilarating home-theater experience.
COOL 3D outputs to a wide range of formats, such as AVI, GIF, JPG, BMP, TGA, and supports field-based interlaced video.
The new release empowers Mac users to create, distribute and watch full screen DVD quality video, offering the highest level of compression with advanced encoding tools and interlaced video support.
Bright Mode" technology secures double the exposure time by adopting interlaced video output, not the progressive output that standard CMOS sensors use.