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Intermedia is the world's largest independent provider of Hosted Microsoft Exchange.
Intermedia's full report-including a sharable infographic-is available at intermedia.
Intermedia and Microsoft's marketing alliance is called Microsoft Communication Services from Intermedia.
Its first Office 365 offering, Intermedia Office Apps, is now available to customers and partners as an integrated part of Intermedia's Office in the Cloud.
We are incredibly excited about what the acquisition of Intermedia Kiosks will allow us to provide our customers.
Unlike many Silicon Valley cloud providers, all of Intermedia is highly profitable and all its customers are paying customers.
By being the first Exchange host to offer Exchange 2007 to its customers, Intermedia.
We are excited to be the first company to offer business email that will work on the iPod touch," said Serguei Sofinski, Intermedia CEO.
As part of the purchase, InterMedia will also be acquiring WJPX-TV, which is programmed as MTV Puerto Rico, and WAPA America, a U.
The acquisition of this cable system is significant for several reasons," said Hindery, the managing general partner of InterMedia Partners.
NET has always led the on-demand Microsoft Exchange hosting industry, and we are pleased to break down the business email disk space barrier," said Serguei Sofinski, CEO of Intermedia.