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In general, post-hoc tests showed that the Intermediate group had significantly higher health care experience and content knowledge than the Advanced and Basic groups (p<0.
In a multivariate analysis adjusted for age, BMI, education, race, quadriceps strength, and history of knee injury, bisphosphonate users were 41% less likely to be in the fastest bone shape-changing group and 32% less likely to be in the intermediate group, compared with the slowest-changing group.
The Junior group comprised Residents from years 1, 2 and 3; the Intermediate group had year 4 Residents and Senior Registrars; and the Senior group included Consultants.
One strand within liberalism--a strand associated with, for example, Voltaire, Thomas Paine, Destutt de Tracy, and Mill--sees these intermediate groups as arenas of "hierarchy and subordination," driven by "local prejudices" and "excessive attachment to custom," and all too often hostage to the "insular power of ingroup elites," to be contrasted with the more "publicly accountable"
Now, the intermediate group was re-categorised according to NT values.
Mean Scores for Job Assignment Task Number of lottery Strong group Intermediate group Weak group entries Small 50.
35% patients of intermediate group achieved BCVA 6/18-6/24 (P less than 0.
Individuals sleeping less than six hours and more than nine hours had significantly lower cognitive scores compared to those in the intermediate group.
In a statement, Pc Stewart CooKe, of Lincolnshire Police, said Dr Henry was riding with an intermediate group at the time of the accident and was riding alone when he lost control of the BIKE.
In the intermediate group, Crosby High B started the season on a high note as they sit in top spot.
Subjects whose scores ranged from 30 to 39 were considered as low intermediate and those who scored between 40 to 47 were regarded as high intermediate group.
In the intermediate group, the later cohort demonstrated significantly lower tumour volume and significantly higher BMI.

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