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CANAL. A trench dug for leading water in a particular direction, and confining it.
     2. Public canals are generally protected by the law which authorizes their being made. Various points have arisen under numerous laws authorizing the construction of canals, which have been decided in cases reported in 1 Yeates, 430; 1 Binn. 70; 1 Pennsyl. 462; 2 Pennsyl. 517; 7 Mass. 169; 1 Sumu. 46; 20 Johns. 103, 735; 2 Johns. 283; 7 John. Ch. 315; 1 Wend. 474; 5 Wend. 166; 8 Wend. 469; 4 Wend. 667; 6 Cowen, 698; 7 Cowen, 526 4 Hamm. 253; 5 Hamm. 141, 391; 6 Hamm. 126; 1 N. H. Rep. 339; See River.

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Vascular events associated with the blood supply to the internal auditory canal have also been implicated.
The middle fossa approach can preserve hearing, but it is usually reserved for small tumors that are confined to the internal auditory canal.
4) In the meantime, a petrous apex granuloma may erode into the jugular foremen, carotid canal, and the internal auditory canal prior to diagnosis.
Congenital cholesteatoma extending into the internal auditory canal and cochlea: A case report.
When metastases do occur, they are most commonly found in the petrous portion (35% of cases), the internal auditory canal (17%), the mastoid (8%), and the external auditory canal (8%).
In 1999, Birman and Gibson reported on their study of 5 children in which they found that a wide internal auditory canal might be associated with a partial dehiscence of the lateral fundus and other temporal bone abnormalities.

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