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2676, the Institute is convinced that the proposed legislation holds great promise for improving the Internal Revenue Service.
To the extent that we have a criticism of the Restructuring Commission's report (and the reaction it has provoked by members of Congress and other commentators), it is that its language sometimes "plays to the gallery" and is unnecessarily critical of the Internal Revenue Service and its personnel.
It has come to Tax Executives Institute's attention that the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico has ordered the Internal Revenue Service to produce tax return information of unrelated third parties to plaintiffs involved in a tax refund suit.
On behalf of the Tax Executives Institute, I respectfully submit the following comments related to the recent regulations amending Circular 230 governing practice before the Internal Revenue Service.
In a formal complaint filed with the Internal Revenue Service Oct.
The MTA sends the W-2 information to the Internal Revenue Service on magnetic tape so there should be no problem on that end, he said.
The Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act (HR 2676) would create an oversight body (composed of eight private-sector members, the secretary of the treasury, a representative from a union representing a substantial number of IRS employees and the IRS commissioner) to oversee IRS administration, management, conduct, direction and supervision of the execution and application of the Internal Revenue Code.
Whiteman, Weeks and Weingardt agreed in the plea to cooperate with the Internal Revenue Service in the assessment and collection of corporate income taxes for Quality Auto Sound Inc.
Crew, Office Depot, 1-800-Flowers, Park University and the Internal Revenue Service.
Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue Service (8/8/03).
In response to an AICPA request for an extension of the remedial amendment period for qualified retirement plans, the Internal Revenue Service has issued Rev.
2676, the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1997.

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